Luis Sanchez

Luis is the oldest of four children from single Mother Violeta. He and his younger brothers and sister have attended CDL since 2013. Luis attends CDL's Youth Mentorship Program with his brother ...


Luis Sanchez-Scholarship

Luis and his younger siblings Isaac, Andoeni and Yair are the children of single Mother Violeta. Luis has attended CDL since August of 2015, first as a part of the...

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Mariana Tarazon

Family Status: In foster care with her sister, Estefania.

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Mario Avila

Mario is one of 3 siblings at Casa de Luz of single Mother, Maribel. His younger sister, Sofia and older sister, Estefanie also attend CDL with him. Mario is such a friendly, sweet, handsome lit...

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Mateo Carmona

Mateo is one of 2 children of single mother Edna. He also has an older brother named Dilan at Casa de Luz. Mateo is a joy to have at CDL! He is full of energy and loves to run and play soccer. M...


Melissa Avila

 Melissa is one of 3 children of single Mother Cristina.  Melissa is a very friendly and outgoing little girl who loves loves crafts!  Melissa, her sister Vanessa, her brother C...

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Melissa Avila- Scholarship

Melissa and her younger brother Christian and older sister Vanessa are the children of single Mother Cristina. Melissa has attended CDL since our opening, first as a part of the Childre...


Melissa Gutierrez- Scholarship

Melissa and her children Eliana and Axel have been a part of the CDL family since July of 2018. When we interviewed Melissa to accept her children into CDL’s children&...

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Miguel Padilla

Miguel and his two siblings, older sister Brianna and younger brother Santiago, are the children of single mother, Yadira. Miguel and Brianna arrived at Casa de Luz in August 2013, when Yadira w...

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Nancy Balderas

Nancy, Karen, Brayan and baby Paulette are the children of single Mother, Norma. Nancy attends CDL's youth mentorship program and is a very quiet but friendly young lady. Nancy has really f...


Naomi Cruz

Naomi and her older sister, Aylin and younger brother, Efraim have been at Casa de Luz since February of 2019. Naomi is a shy but friendly little girl who loves the color purple, loves...

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Naomi Gutierrez

Naomi and her younger brother, 

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