Carlos Ortega

Carlitos is the oldest child from single mother Iris attending daily at Casa de Luz. He also has a baby sister named Valeria who attends CDL with him daily. Carlitos is a very friendly little bo...

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Cielo Machado

Cielo and her younger sister Zuzeth are the daughters of single mom, Elizabeth. Though Cielo is quiet and shy, she has adapted well to being at Casa de Luz and loves playing outside with the oth...


Cristal Torres

Cristal and her older brother, Cristian have been at Casa de Luz since January of 2019. Cristal is a very active little girl, she’s full of energy and loves to dance and sin...

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Cristian Avila

Cristian is one of 3 children of single Mother, Cristina. His older sisters, Vanessa and Melissa, are a part of CDL's Youth Mentorship Program. Cristian is a very active, energetic and...

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Cristian Torres

Family History:  Cristian and his younger sister, Cristal, have been at Casa de Luz since January of 2019. Cristian is full of so much energy and personality! Sponsored!

Dilan Carmona

Dilan is one of 2 children of single mother Edna. He also has a younger brother named Mateo at Casa de Luz.  Dilan is a very friendly and intelligent little boy, he regularly receives award...

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Earl & Rhonda Fast

Earl and Rhonda Fast, along with their 3 sons Owen, Hayden and Phoenix will be serving with Casa de Luz Ministries in Primo Tapia, Mexico.


Why CDL?


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Edgar Garcia

Edgar is 1 of 5 children of single Mother Rubidalia. Rubidalia was suddenly left by her husband a year ago, after 27 years of marriage. Since her husband left, he has not had any contact with th...

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Edna Carmona-Scholarship

Edna and her sons Dilan and Mateo have been a part of the CDL family since September o...

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Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo is 1 of 5 children of single Mother Rubidalia (“Ruby”).  Eduardo and his siblings attend CDL. They also have an older t...


Efraim Cruz

Efraim and his older sisters, Aylin and Naomi, have been at Casa de Luz since February of 2019. Isai is a very active little boy. He always has a huge smile on his face and i...

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Eliana Ortega

Eliana and her younger brother Axel are the children of single Mother Melissa. Eliana is...