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Tracy Rahn

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Place Casa de Luz

Dear family & friends, ready for a Tracy Rahn life update?

The last year has seen quite a lot of shifts and changes for me personally. Last May found me in a very critical place in my life. Over the summer I took a medical stress leave from my position at the Abbotsford Vineyard church. When my leave ended in September, it became very clear to me that my season functioning in the role of Worship pastor had come to a close. It was a hard, and at times heart breaking decision to make, but one that I knew with everything in me, was the right choice. I’ve spent the last 10 months walking a beautiful season of growth, healing, and really focusing on my family. I’m still learning, still healing, and there is much grace in the process! As the new year started, I began asking "what now God? What on earth should I be doing now?!" He answered simply "What do you want to do?"

As this month has welcomed a new season of spring, I’m also going to be stepping into a new season, be it ever how tentative and cautious as it needs to be! You might know that five years ago, along with two dear friends, I co-founded a small non-profit called House of Light Goods. This was a dream of providing empowered employment and ethical wages to mothers from the Casa De Luz Minitries in Primo Tapia Mexico, a ministry that the Abbotsford Vineyard planted in 2011. 

The need in Primo Tapia, Mexico is vast.  Women are living in abusive and dangerous situations. Children are vulnerable as they are left at home alone while their mothers try and find work. Teens are dropping out of school and roaming the streets, falling prey to drug dealers and gang members. Families are living in extreme poverty with no hope of a healthy future due to lack of education, employment opportunities and family support.

Our ministry in Mexico is continually growing to help meet these needs. Our goal at CDL is always to empower and come alongside people. Through education, micro-loans, child-care, youth programs, counselling, and relationship and accountability we aim to create a healthy, whole and sustainable lifestyle as these families walk out of years of poverty, abuse, addiction and despair.

This spring, I will be coming on staff officially with CDL to oversee and give direction to HOLG (exciting right!?) 
HOLG will not only be hopefully expanding to employ more mothers in need but will also continue to be a consistent fundraising stream for everything that CDL is doing.

Stepping into this new role will require the financial support of individuals who believe in the vision of CDL and HOLG and are able to give toward my remuneration. Because of what the last year of life has looked like for me, my plans are to start slow, and take things one step at a time. My main goal is to keep a sustainable rhythm, with more than enough to pour into my family, while still being able to lean into this passion of mine. A commitment of approx. 10-15 hours a week for 1 year seems like a good place to start. That being said, my financially goal for support is $1000-$1500 a month.


Thank you advance for your prayers and support if possible!