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Earl & Rhonda Fast

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Place Casa de Luz

Earl and Rhonda Fast, along with their 3 sons Owen, Hayden and Phoenix will be serving with Casa de Luz Ministries in Primo Tapia, Mexico.


Why CDL?

While it wasn’t our plan to dive in to full-time missions work, as the Lord is in the habit of doing, He takes our very ordinary plans and changes them into things even greater than we could ever have imagined.

After being a part of two short-term missions trips to Primo Tapia, God laid it on our hearts to pursue becoming a part of the CDL Ministries team. Through much prayer we came to a place of knowing we needed to apply, to say, “Yes Lord, if it’s what you have for us, we will go.” So we did and left the rest in His hands.


What will your role be? At first we were very uncertain as to why the Lord would call us to missions in this place. We had no idea what we could offer. We don’t work in construction or dentistry and we aren’t english teachers. But what we do know is that we are willing, should God have this plan for us. We know that God can use all people to accomplish His purposes and so we prayed, if there was a place to use us and our gifts in Primo Tapia, He would make it evident.


Our role at CDL will revolve around 3 main things:

• communication and storytelling to broaden the reach, capacity and vision of CDL ministries in order to serve the people of Primo Tapia to an even greater extent

• creating new partnerships with churches and organizations

• helping to host and facilitate teams who come to serve at CDL

So what now?

We are excited to begin preparing for this transition from our current life in B.C. to a new home and life in Mexico. We can’t wait to see all the Lord has in store for our family and how He will work in and through us to spread His gospel of love to the people in this place.

We are preparing to arrive in August and in order to go, we need to have a team of people gathered who will commit to praying for our family as we step out into this new role.

We also need a team of financial supporters willing to join with us as ministry partners.

If you would like to join us in this, in either of these ways, we would be so honoured to have you come on this journey with us. We know we can't do it alone!