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Send Josh to the Barber Shop

Help me raise $3000 (or more) for Cutting my Hair on Sunday, December 15, 2019 to benefit Casa de Luz Ministries! It looks like I may be ready to move on from the "long hai...


The Gift of Hope

Hope comes in many forms and in this season for Casa de Luz youth, it's coming in the form of a building.   It's not the building itself that is the hope, but the promise of all it will mean....


A Christmas Gift For Your Sponsor Children

Dear Child Sponsors,  We want to invite you into a special opportunity to bless your sponsor children this Christmas season. At Casa de Luz, we are planning a Christmas Family Gathering for a...


Christmas Trip 2019

2019 Christmas Mexico Trip Support   Casa de Luz provides support for families and children at risk. Many of the orphans in this part of the world are "economic orphans”, not without p...